Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Last weeks party outfit

Im Still new to this but i thought id make a post about my outfit for last weekend. It's so hard to find a last minute outfit but I managed to pull together some new clothes and some old clothes to put together an outfit to wear to a friends 'low key' birthday.
I'm wearing my new skirt from Temt. I absolutely love the print and just had to have it. It goes well with almost anything and I can wear it casually as well as dress it up. Perfect buy!

My top is so old but has never been work (typical). But I paired it with my silver studded belt from sportsgirl as my top was way to baggy and flowly and looked very unflattering without the belt. And lastly I'm wearing my black 'chunk leather' Windsor smith shoes. To die for! I love them and they are so comfy I would recommend them to anyone!

Oh and how could I forget my half lepoard half black leather mini Celine bag!

Much Love- style basement

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